April 1, 1996

SAN CARLOS, CA --The PhotoCAD Corp. today announced the world'sfirst copyright and royalty free (RF) camera system designed exclusivelyfor royalty free photographic imaging. The PhotoCAD­AVR is a cameramodification package that can be added to a variety of existing camera systems,allowing for the capture and recording of royalty free photographic imagery.

The PhotoCAD­AVR is installed at the film plane of most cameras,replacing either the film, digital array or other recording media, and provideswhat amounts to a blank canvas upon which photographers can build an image.

Dr. Whit Lesmann, president of PhotoCAD Corp., explained that PhotoCADstarted development of the AVR (Advanced Virtual Rendering) technology inthe Sixties. "Most of us who were around in the sixties," saidLesmann, "remember the huge commercial success that the Beatles hadwith their so-called 'white album', which was devoid of art on its coverexcepting for a blank field of white." At the time, such an imageneeded to be painstakingly crafted by hand, since today's common blank-field(BF) technologies did not yet exist.

"We took that blank-field concept to heart," he said, "andrealized that an automated version could be a lucrative commercial application. So we dedicated significant research and development money in anticipationof the demand that has finally surfaced today."

Indeed, the development of the PhotoCAD­AVR system has taken closeto 25 years. "We made a long-term commitment to this techology,"said Lesmann, "but with the recent profusion of Royalty Free imagepublishing, we have finally found a viable commercial market for this product. Photographers everywhere, both professionals and hobbyists, can use thePhotoCAD­AVR with their existing camera systems, to create the qualityof photographic imagery in such apparent demand by RF photo buyers today."

Although the PhotoCAD­AVR technology is just being made availableto the public, it has been the subject of extensive field testing over thelast 10 years by the entire photo staff of the Wall Street Journal. Infact, since 1991, every editorial photograph published by the Journal hasbeen created using PhotoCAD­AVR.


PhotoCAD­AVR is currently available to fit most 35mm, medium andlarge format camera systems, and has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $379.95for 35mm, $429.95 for medium format, $499.95 for 4"x5" and $599.95for 8"x10" cameras. It is expected to be available for motionpicture and video applications by the end of the year. Dealer inquiriesare welcome.

For more information, contact Sandy Haird at (415) 592-5277 x 125.


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