Industry Links


Multimedia Developers and Technology Providers

RDC Interactive Media, Inc. - producers of Masco's Virtual Showhome and other high-end multimedia titles.

QuickTime VR - Apple Computer- Apple Computer's official QuickTime and QTVR web site.

Internet Pictures, Inc. (iPIX) - providers of IPIX (PhotoBubble) technology and services.

Digimarc - developer of the PictureMarc invisible copyright watermarking system.

Infinite Pictures - developer and publisher of SmoothMove virtual reality technologies, which allow for gradual and interpolated transitions between VR nodes with viewing in any direction. Currently available for Intel/Windows and unavailable for the Macintosh platform.

TerraQuest - producers of Virtual Galápagos, Virtual Antarctica and a number of other high quality adventure travel online expeditions.


Suppliers & Equipment Manufacturers

Peace River Studios - manufacturer of some of the best designed commercial QTVR pan head and object rigs (3Sixty and ObjectMaker).

Kaidan - manufacturer of a wide selection of QuickPan tripod head and Magellan & Meridian object rigs for QTVR photography.

BeHere, Inc. - developers of a single image 360-degree panorama lens system and corresponding software, allowing for instantaneous capture of an entire QTVR panorama, without the need for stitching individual images together in post production. Currently in final development.

VR Toolbox - producers of cross platform VR Worx and other software for QTVR production.

Nikon, USA - producing for decades among the finest 35mm cameras and lenses for pros, as well as leading edge digital image capture equipment..

Fuji Photo Film, USA - manufacturer of exquisite professional films, cameras and other photographic media.

Eastman Kodak - manufacturer of the Kodak Digital Science cameras and digital imaging technologies, and some of the most widely used professional films in the world.

Polaroid - manufacturer of instant film, proofing systems and a wide variety of digital image capture and production hardware.

Adobe Systems - software company providing a wide variety of industry standard software packages, including Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive and many others.

Live Picture, Inc. - publisher of the industry standard Live Picture image processing software and a variety of other imaging tools including PhotoVista.

Hindsight Software - Photo business and stock photography management software.


Photographers and Others

Mikkel Aaland - San Francisco based photographer, digital imaging expert and author of numerous digital photography books.

J.W. Burkey - High-end digital studio photographer and illustrator based in Texas.

Bob Goldstein - Los Angeles based Immersive Imaging consultant.

John Greenleigh Studios - San Francisco based studio product photographer specializing in QTVR object movie production.

Janie Fitzgerald - Los Angeles-based QuickTime VR specialist. See also her VR View art gallery of VR photographer's work.

Chris Gulker - Photography web site with the latest in Silicon Valley and digital imaging interests.

Kite Aerial Photography - If you like aerial views, you'll like this unique way of photographing them.

Clay Lacey Aviation - Specializing in high end aerial cinematography of high performance aircraft. Based in Southern California.

Frans Lanting - California based nature photographer - among the finest in the world today.

John M. Lund - Digital photo illustrator based in San Francisco.

Doug Menuez - Photojournalist, fashion photographer based near San Francisco.

Gabe Palacio - QuickTime VR object movie specialist based in New York city.

Denise Rocco - Advernture/travel phographer and web designer.

Seth Resnick - Corporate, stock and editorial photographer in Boston.

Fred Shippey - Electronic imaging consultant.


Professional Associations

International QuickTime VR Association (IQTVRA)

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

Media Photographers Copyright Agency (MP©A)

Media Image Resource Alliance (Mira)

American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP)

American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)