A series of irreverent advice columns that appeared regularly in a number of ASMP chapter publications, which took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the business of photography.
Fashion Photography
Motion Pictures
Computer Viruses
Avedon & New Yorker
Photographers' Fees Redux
Death of the Day Rate
Kodachrome Demise
Good Samaritan Photographers
Setting Your Day Rate
Digital Photography Glossary
Watt Seconds
Lighting Control
Future of Stock Photography


April Fools Day Press Releases - An ongoing practical joke series, sent out annually, announcing some amazing and unbelievable new product or service to the photo industry. The list of victims who took the bait includes repected publications and professionals, all of whom take themselves a bit less seriously today (we hope).
VI-1000 Digital Camera (April , 1994)
California Sunlight Lighting Services (April, 1995)
Virtual CAD-AVR Clip Art Photo Imaging Generator (April, 1996)